the Ghost of Billy Buckner

After watching Tony Graffanino let a routine ground ball go through his legs, I thought, Buckner’s back. Well, shades of him anyway.
The Sox come home down 2 games.
David Wells pitched almost well enough to win, except that 3 run homer that put Chicago up 5-4. Sigh…
I love the Sox but the team just doesn’t run deep enough this year. Or do they?
Hey, how ’bout them Celtics?



6 thoughts on “the Ghost of Billy Buckner

  1. Unfortunately, in reality the Yankees are a great team with a ton of talent. Do they suck? As far as being a Boston nemisis, yes, they suck in a big way. The rivalry has spawned a strange love/hate relationship over the years. Either way, Boston just can’t go deep this year. But then again….



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