Wikipedia saves

I honestly don’t consider myself the gullible type. I’m much too cynical.
That said, I visited the Landover Baptist Church Website tonight.
I kept thinking about all the really maniacal BS I found there.
I thought, “There is no way this can be real. These people would all be killed. Maimed anyway.”

When I read the beliefs page and saw that they believe George Bush was appointed by God to fight the heathens, I said, oh, Michael.
You are a cynical doofus.
A part of me almost fell for this fictional website.
I feel kind of stupid but I’m actually laughing about it.
Click on –> Wikipedia for much more…
Damn, and I really wanted to order that WWJD Thong for a Christmas present… 😉



3 thoughts on “Wikipedia saves

  1. Guess that makes me a plain ole doofus. I don’t know exactly what makes my brain kick in sometimes and go, uh, somethings not right here. I think my last two brain cells must be fighting with one another.


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