Kanye West

One last thought before I go to bed:

This Hurricane Katrina rescue thing never had anything to to do with racial bias. It was the total dropping of the ball by both the local and federal government.
How we individually perceive the situation is a different story.
When someone (like you) fans the flames of a bubbling racial issue that just won’t die, it’s profoundly sad and ultimately tragic.
You are, ironically, a walking (rapping) billboard of blatant prejudice yourself.
It’s people like you that just can’t let this thing go.
It’s Black Vs White all over.
We’re walkin’ in Memphis…once again.
Thanks, Kanye. You were supposed to be helping.
Next time, stick to the script, dickhead…



2 thoughts on “Kanye West

  1. It’s a shame people continue to use color and creed as excuses. Unfortunately, the hurricane hit a predominately “black” area. People like Kayne continue to perpetuate the discrimination in this country by bringing it upon themselves.

    Black or white had nothing to do with the response. Although IMO, if this was brother Jeb’s state, the response would have been faster.


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