Bad Guy

This is undoubtedly my favorite Gary Larson comic strip.
If you're not musically inclined it probably won't make much sense.
Trust me, it is funny.
More from Larson very soon.



3 thoughts on “Bad Guy

  1. This particular strip is amusing because of his use of the term “minor” chord (key).
    Go to a music store someday and ask if anyone plays piano.
    Ask them to play a “major” chord. Any old chord will do. Think happy thoughts while they’re playing this one. Ok?
    Now ask them to play the same chord as a “minor” (flatted 3rd) and listen to the difference. Happy chord vs Sad chord. The human ear hears the difference right away. Good/Bad.
    That Larson had the brains and intuition to use the concept as comedy strikes me as brilliant. Don’t know if that will clear it up for you or not but give it a go. It’s something to write about anyway…



  2. I don’t remember my chord progressions on the piano like I used to but, yep I get it. I think music is like art, you have to be able to feel it. It has to move you. I’d be willing to be there are some folks out there that would understand the feeling that a major and minor chord evokes.

    Gary Larson has got to be one of the smartest people. He knows alot about alot and can make it very funny.


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