Boids, boids, boids

The picture above shows two birds.
If you look very closely and concentrate very hard, you may be able to tell which one of the birds is female. I think I know…



6 thoughts on “Boids, boids, boids

  1. Hey! I think I know what you are saying here. Are you saying all we do is bitch, bitch, bitch? Really, do you think all we like to do is tell you what you’ve haven’t done right? Do you think that’s fun? Really we’d like to not have to say anything but you don’t allow us to not say anything. Are you gettin my drift here? (The pic is hiarious!)


  2. Hey Carnealian-
    Yeah, in reality we men do need the occasional dope slap, myself included. But it’s not always the bitching that gets to me it’s the yak, yak, yakking about stuff that doesn’t interest me. I think I can speak for most guys when I say that we’re not very concerned about the “White” Sale going on at TJ Maxx. (unless they have some nice railroad train sheets with matching pillow cases) 😉



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