Simple thought

Sometimes when I ride the train I write down random thoughts that flash into my mind. Usually turns out they’re not so random after all…
Guess what I was thinking about?


Rob Peter. Pay Paul. Trapped prisoners.
Marooned. Island of poverty.
Desire. Needs. Wants.
Threadbare. Hungry. Tired of thinking about $.
Enough. Never enough.
Sad. Fake happy. Wear the face.
Be brave. Be happy. Be me.
Rainbow. Pot of gold. An answer?
Too many questions. Apathy.
Domestic Anarchy.
Inability to understand. Twin. Cynical.
This sucks.
Alarm clock goes off. Get up. Do it again. And again.
you’re my Zero.
What’s fair? Not this life. Sometimes.
In the red. Want black. Mortgage. Again?
Towering. Infinite.
Oasis. Rest. Blue sky. like a prayer…
Maybe tomorrow.
Flood. Tears fall into the abyss.
Crystal silence.
Could be worse.
Says, Mom…


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