Salumeria Italiana

I discovered a little slice of heaven last night in Boston’s North End.
This Italian grocery/deli has a wealth of extraordinary olive oils, pastas, cheeses and deli meats that are much too wonderful to try to describe.
Click on the picture above to visit Salumeria Italiana. Be sure to try the Fennel Salami and the Cippoline w/ Balsamico. Yes, they do mail order!
After picking up a warm loaf of Scala bread from a quaint corner bakery, a dear friend and I ate dinner at L’Osteria on Salem Street. Absolutely wonderful.
I sadly realized I’d been away from the North End for far too long but I know I’ll be returning very soon.


2 thoughts on “Salumeria Italiana

  1. I just came back from dinner, and I’m drooling! I’m jealous! I had the privledge of spending time in the North End several years ago. There was a street festival going on and I remember having cannoli’s! YUM!


  2. Hey Carnealian-
    We were so full we didn’t even make it to Mike’s Bakery but “rolled” over to Faneuil Hall before catching a train home.
    Good stuff. I can’t wait to go again. I put the link to a great Italian deli. Order some aged provolone. My God…

    be well,



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