The Last Supper

Tonight I cooked the “Last Supper” for my daughter Sarah before she heads off to college tomorrow morning.
I must admit the Chicken Marsala came out absolutely wonderful, thank God.
I can tell by the look on her face though that she knows her life is currently in a serious state of flux.
I wonder what will happen when she realizes that’s what life is really
all about—change; our ability to adapt to it with poise only comes with age.

Children are too busy figuring out their constantly changing world to be bothered with the seemingly insignificant changes that occur to them on a daily basis.
As a father, I notice, as does my wife.
It may be as simple as a ½” difference in height that magically seems to happen during the night; maybe it’s an act of kindness that shows spiritual growth; maybe even a phrase unconsciously uttered that possibly indicates the beginning of self actualization and independence. Little things do get noticed but they happen in such rapid succession that it seems like one day it’s baby’s first steps and the next it’s a learner’s permit. Sheesh.
I’m excited about tomorrow but maybe a bit apprehensive as well. I’m praying that I’m strong enough to avoid a total emotional meltdown—not only for Sarah but for my wife as well.
But maybe it has nothing to do with strength when it comes to genuine goodbyes and more about just being human. I want to outwardly show Sarah how much of an impact she’s had on our life. If my tears are more powerful than the words I know I’ll never be able to speak, just let the rains fall. Maybe I can still grow after all…



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