My achin' Dakota

Sometimes even "yours truly" has to go postal.
Yes, I'm venting here, sorry.


I recently went to a Herb Chambers car dealership to have some work done on my Dakota; I needed the brakes checked, the oil changed and the blower fan fixed.
Know that the current mileage is @20K. (brakes gone?, huh?)
I dropped my truck off at 7:30 in the morning and told the putzbag behind the counter that I would be back around 3:30pm or so.
He said, "You should be all set." Excellent, I thought. I am such a dumbass.
My wife dropped me off at 3:30pm that afternoon and I was stupidly assuming that my truck would be ready. To my astonishment the truck had yet to be taken in! Needless to say I was livid.
"Glad I made an appointment," I said, pissed off.
"Oh, we're sorry, sir," Mr.Goodyear/Dickhead said, "but vehicles aren't brought in based on the time you drop them off. I thought we told you that." No, you didn't. Let me get into my waders.
I make an appointment and go out of my way to get my vehicle to these guys at 7:30am on my only day off, I figure the least these money-hungry, slimebag, piece of dogshit, whores can do is get my truck back to me– somewhat fixed. Any idea what a Dodge Dakota costs? Waaaaayyy too much. You would think the price alone would justify a certain level of service. Yeah, right, in a perfect world.
Do I sound perturbed yet?
My truck did get fixed, so to speak.
The story is a bit lengthy for the blog so I'm going to post Part 2 of this saga sometime over the next few days. As you will learn, never will I visit, nevermind buy, another vehicle from these skuzzy dingdongs. I'd rather stick 10" needles into newborn puppies.
I've one thing left to say to my poonface Herb Chambers dealer, thanks for such great service (and HONESTY!) You guys ssssuck.
Oh, and btw- bite me.
I feel better already. The story does have an upside. Just wait until Part 2…




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