Hopper and Hornsby

I love Edward Hopper paintings. Though I know essentially nothing about art, I know that vivid and startling images speak multitudes to my mind and my innermost soul. I’ve posted Hopper’s “Gas”, a simple rendition of an old Mobil gas station on some God forsaken backroad in Anytown, USA. The overall feel of the painting for me is that of stark vacuity. The somber colors and hues, the utilization of shadow, the overall impending darkness all seem to ooze into a quiet solitude that draws you into the stygian vision that is uniquely Edward Hopper. In “Gas”, there is a lone man seen checking the gauges on the pumps, another slow day, maybe.
I first saw this painting at the assisted living facility where my father currently resides. Time after time, visit after visit, I would look inextricably to Hopper’s vision of the world that surrounded him, amazed that so beautiful an image was once bound by the ties of the human mind. Years ago, Bruce Hornsby released an album titled “Harbor Lights“, a classic Hornsby album. It would be many years before I would discover that a Hopper painting actually graced the cover.
“Rooms by the Sea” is yet another creation by the man himself. I mention Hopper because I’m listening to the Hornsby album right now riding into Boston. I always wanted to paint or draw but I really suck at it. I never had that inate talent though I admire and am astounded by people that do. My mind just doesn’t seem to work that way. I love Picasso, Dali, Monet and artists like them but will never truly grasp the almost sacred ability required to reach that artistic plateau. I can relate to art through music stating that creation in general speaks to us all on very individual levels, visceral layers of understanding deeply embedded into the hidden core of our minds. Sometimes we can’t explain why something moves us so, it simply does. We then accept creation and subconciously continue searching through the crayon box for that next perfect and undiscovered color.


2 thoughts on “Hopper and Hornsby

  1. Anytown! Jack’s Gas was in Truro, MA, and while somewhat God-forsaken, it’s a wonderfully quiet and unspoilt place. Jack’s Gas was right on the main road (US Route 6) not a backroad at all. It was very recognizable there for years, and unfortunately burned not too long ago: http://www.someblogs.com/youwho/archives/000890.html

    Next time you go to Boston swing down to the Cape. You’ll find many of Hopper’s inspirations still exist.

    I love comments that get to the heart of the matter.
    I so appreciate you leaving a very cool comment.
    Even the link is great.
    Stop back again.
    Maybe see you on the Cape someday at a happy hour . . . oh, wait no more happy hours! Damn.


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