The NBA buries the “suck” needle ( once again)

I was thinking about the NBA today after watching the Boston Celtics weirdo catastrophe last night. Although they won the game, they ultimately lost the battle because of their impatience and unsportsmanlike conduct. With roughly 2 ½ minutes left in the game, Paul Pierce (a choke, a great athlete, but still a choke) deliberately elbowed an unsuspecting guy from Indiana in the face, drawing a technical foul—an unnecessary foul at that point of the game and a stupid act that Pierce should have had the professional fortitude to ignore. Time to turn the channel, the "suck" quotient is getting too high.
To me, the NBA saw its finest hours in the 80’s.
I am a lovechild of the “Johnny Most” era and loved listening to his always totally biased broadcasts of Celtics games. Back then you had the likes of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish (the Chief), Isaiah Thomas and Julius Erving, Kurt Rambis, Sir Charles Barkley, Bill Lambeer (a Detroit bastard, but we loved him anyway) and Magic Johnson—the list goes on and on and on….
These guys played with finesse, integrity and a heavy dose of inspiration, heavily reliant on rivalry and raw emotion. You could see it and smell it and experience it on the nightly sportscast if you couldn't catch the game. These days we have guys like Allen Iverson (a great role model, yeah right),
Ron Artest (a guy that's almost too ripped to play b-ball anyway) and countless others that round out the hip-hop gang (or is it gangstas?).
Basically, they’re all thugs, plain and simple. They make the game all about showboating and self gratification. It’s totally sickening and makes me want to puke. I used to love the Celtics but I’d be hard pressed to tell you who started the game last night. With but a modicum of talent and egos bigger than their salaries, the game has totally lost its esssential blood, guts and luster for me.
Please, dear God, show me the heart of the game again and maybe I’ll watch. Until then, for me, the NBA will stand for “Needless Bullshit Association”. Right now that’s all it really is…


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